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Attendance Procedure




There are 2 Ways to Report your Childs Absence








1. ParentVue - Report All Absences on ParentVue (Full Day OR Partial) It’s much easier and QUICKER! ParentVue is another option for logging in your child's absence. Please do not use ParentVue for late arrival or early dismissal, instead please leave a message on the attendance line at 248-726-4010. 


1.       Login to ParentVue

2.       Click on Report Absence

4.       Hit Save!

5.       DONE!






2. Attendance Line 248-726-4010 - Please remember to call us if your child is going to be absent. We need the information the day of the absence. 

This is a 24-hour answering machine. The following information must be left on the answering machine.

  1. Student's first and last name (spelled out)
  2. Parent name, if different from student's last name
  3. Day and date of absence
  4. Reason for absence
  5. Phone Number

All absence calls are for one day only unless you specify otherwise. We suggest that you call as early as possible. Many telephone calls come in between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. 


Students who arrive late to school must report directly to the attendance office with the students grownup to sign in.  Students are expected to be in class to begin work when the bell tone sounds at 8:55am. The students grownup must escort student to the office to sign the student in. Please do not drop off the student outside the building. 


Please call the office line at 248-726-4000 the day of the dismissal change no later than 3:30pm to let the office staff know the change in the way the student is getting home. Please also email your child's teacher to let them know.