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Staying Cougar Strong



In 2021, McGregor Elementary adopted the motto “Stay Cougar Strong”. This motto is part of everything we do and directly ties into the PTA Healthy Minds initiative. Staff, students and families are continuously encouraged to focus on activities that build a strong body and a strong mind. Students send in pictures or videos of how they “Stay Cougar Strong” for the school’s weekly video newsletter and earn a “Stay Cougar Strong Shout Out” for those activities.

McGregor is embarking upon the philosophy of Conscious Discipline to consciously build classroom families that support the success of all students, promote social emotional learning and build positive key character traits. This program provides extensive training for staff and presentations/resources for families on how to solve conflict, support mental health and build one’s social emotional self.




This weeks Staying Cougar Strong Tip of the Week is from Naiely Rodriguez-Febles  in 3rd grade, stays Cougar Strong by doing handstand pushups.  She is a competitive gymnast.  She says gymnastics helps her mind stay strong by focusing on the physical demands of the sport.  She said this helps her focus on reading and math.


!!Great Work Naiely Rodriguez-Febles!!


Video Of Naiely