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Healthy Minds

The McGregor PTA Presents



Healthy Minds 101 Video from Mr. Pontzious

Our Cougareffic PTA is hosting a 3 part series on Healthy Lifestyles. The Healthy Minds 101 program will help your family explore ways to strengthen your mental health through informational materials and engaging activities. You'll learn to create a Family Action Plan and get tips for how to integrate positive mental health actions into your daily routines. Light refreshments will be provided. 

Let's come together to make addressing mental health easier and less intimidating!


PART 1 - Health Minds 101 Focus: Tuesday, March 14th at 6:00pm in the McGregor Media Center
  • Educating families about mental health, ways to prioritize it, and how to get help.
  • Facilitating family discussion about mental health and ways to build healthy minds.
PART 2 - Health Minds 101 Focus: Coming Soon


PART 3 - Health Minds 101 Focus: Coming Soon